12.2.13: "Not Even A Mouse" has hit the streets. Grab your copies of Thuglit Issue 8 for Kindle or Print.

10.21.13: Final edits approved for "Not Even A Mouse" scheduled to appear in the next Thuglit. Stay tuned...

5.14.13: Richard Lange's latest novel "Angel Baby" is finally here...but you already knew that. Buy it here!

5.1.13: "T-Town Blue" is now live at Shotgun Honey.

LQ Store4.25.13: Thuglit has picked up "Not Even A Mouse" for publication in Issue No. 8, later this year.

2.1.13: Nolan's short "T-Town Blue," recently read at January's Noir at the Bar: Los Angeles, is slated to appear at Shotgun Honey in early May.  

1.7.13: Noir at the Bar: Los Angeles reading on 1/20. Back from the grave...

10.11.11: The Fall Issue of Needle is now live. Damn strong line-up too, including a previously unpublished Gil Brewer gem. Grab five here.

8.30.11: Today the streets run red with Frank Bill's "Crimes in Southern Indiana". Experience the grit right here.

8.22.11: "Rise, Charlie, Rise" is now crashing at Shotgun Honey. Many thanks to Kent and crew. Helluva site.

8.16.11: Excellent review of "Full Bloom" by R. Thomas Brown, right here.

8.14.11: "Full Bloom" is now live at BTAP. What a great home. Multiple rounds owed to David Cranmer and Scott D. Parker for believing in the piece.

7.30.11: Shotgun Honey and Beat to a Pulp to feature new works soon.  

5.27.11: "I know Billy Idol says you can dance by yourself, but I'd rather dance with you. You don't wanna? Oh, okay..." -Descendents, "Sour Grapes" (Liveage!) Many thanks to Nigel Bird for this.

5.12.11: Tony Black ressurects Pulp Pusher! Rad Dudes, originally published in 3/09, now back up.pool

2.11.11: BREAKING: Needle Magazine picks up Nolan's latest short, "Bleeders Abound" for future issue. Details as they spew...       

12.16.10: Insightful review of Round One by Ron Scheer here and win your own dang copy thanks to the Women of Mystery here!

11.2.10: Naomi Johnson weighs in on the power of Beat to a Pulp: Round One over at The Drowning Machine. Plus, a great new Frank Bill interview up at Signs & Wonders.

10.11.10: The Beat to a Pulp: Round One Anthology is alive and ready for consumption. With such an amazing line-up, this one is a guaranteed haymaker to the brain. Grab your copy here.

8.13.10: Needle #2 has hit the streets running. Order your copy here.

6.29.10: Author bios for Needle #2, forthcoming in July, have been exposed.

6.28.10: Humbling kudos comes from grit-master, Frank Bill, in regards to "White Horse" in PWG #9. Check it out here and familiarize yourself with the man's work, the future of crime fiction.

6.23.10: BTAP Round One Anthology complete list of contributors.

6.21.10: Steve Weddle of Needle Magazine sends word that Nolan's latest tale, "Tip the Barkeep", will be published in the upcoming Issue #2, this July.

6.18.10: "White Horse" is now up at Plots With Guns #9 amongst a slew of great tales from top crimedogs. Check it here.

4.22.10: Nolan just received word from noir impresario Anthony Neil Smith that his short story, "White Horse" has been scooped up for publication in the forthcoming Plots With Guns Issue #9. More details when it posts. Till then, BEERS ALL AROUND!

RnR4.2.10: An interview with fellow key punch Garnett Elliott is now up at Spinetingler featuring a hat tip to "Daytime Drunks". Read it, then read everything else by Mr. Elliott.

2.1.10: "Daytime Drunks" is now available to peep online in Thuglit Issue 35. Crack a brew and check it... www.thuglit.com

1.15.10: Nolan's short story "At Long Last" will be published later this year in David Cranmer's Beat to a Pulp anthology. More details as they spew. Until then, follow Beat to a Pulp's Weekly Punches at www.beattoapulp.com **UPDATE**